Lemongrass Oil

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Botanical Name : Cymbopogon flexuosus
Origin : India
CAS No : 01/02/07
EINECS : 295-161-9

Lemongrass Oil

The lemongrass oil, its scientific name being Cymbopogon, is a special gift found in the tropics. The place where it comes from are hot and damp areas like India, China and Thailand; they have warmly welcomed this fragrant jewel for their cooking flavorsome dishes as well as healing abilities.

 The essence of lemongrass oil can be obtained by using steam to distill its tough leaves, resulting in an oil that is both flexible and lively. The main reason for the appeal of lemongrass oil is its fresh and fruity smell. This is why it has become popular in soaps, candles as well as perfumes. Picture the sharpness of lemon but with a delicate touch of grass - this unique fragrance characterizes lemongrass oil.

This oil, not only giving pleasure to the senses, is also well-known for its ability to fight bacteria and reduce inflammation. This makes it a popular natural cure for many different health issues. From the ancient "fever tea" of India to tasty soups in Sri Lanka, lemongrass has spread its flavor across different cultures and food types. It is known for enhancing digestion, immunity and general good health which makes it a popular choice among essential oils1. In a time when we appreciate realness and genuine health, lemongrass oil is simple yet effective. It shows recognition to nature's capacity to give us what we need, all tied up in a fragrance that can lift spirits just like sunlight does. For Norex - the company which appreciates pureness and truthfulness more than anything else - lemongrass oil represents not only an element but also mirrors our dedication towards excellence combined with living naturally


Extraction Process of Lemongrass Oil:

In the matter of selecting lemongrass oil, Norex puts forward a distinct characteristic by maintaining its dedication to quality and natural purity. We comprehend that the heart of an excellent essential oil is in where it comes from and how it gets extracted. For this reason, we present lemongrass oil which is obtained from superior natural sources of highest quality.

Our lemongrass oil is not like any other; it's a result of both love and science. We carefully remove our oil to catch the purest smell of this aromatic herb, making sure that each drop gives you refreshment and energy as nature planned. Our distillation methods are made with great care for purity and strength, giving you an oil that stays true to its essence.

To select Norex as the lemongrass oil for your product signifies choosing a product with the guarantee of being 100% natural. It’s about accepting an oil that has been taken out with extreme caution to retain all beneficial parts. It is trusting a brand that is happy to provide only top-quality products. So, when you’re looking for lemongrass oil that is pure, potent, and true to nature, look no further than Norex. Because here, we believe in bringing you an experience that is as genuine as it is delightful.


Aroma Profile of Lemongrass Oil:

The oil of lemongrass is a delight for our senses. It has a natural smell that Norex feels pleasure in presenting to all. The aroma contains an interesting combination of lemon-like and herbal scents, which makes each breath seem as if you are standing in the center of an active lemon garden. The smell of this oil is equivalent to being in a lemon grove at sunrise; it feels clean, revitalizing and has a strong scent. The key element that gives lemongrass oil its delightful scent is citral. This compound creates a refreshing and vibrant aroma, providing a lemon-like fragrance with gentle earthy notes typical of lemongrass oil which makes it suitable for applications including aromatherapy, perfumery, and personal care products.

However, it's not only the smell that makes lemongrass oil so liked. People appreciate its capacity to elevate and revive their emotions. It is invigorating yet comforting, a harmonizing combination found only in its intricate aroma. Whether you use it in a diffuser for refreshing a room or as an important part of your skin care product, nothing matches lemongrass oil's versatility.

Norex appreciates lemongrass oil's unique features, which can transport you to a zone of fresh and calm environment with just one sniff. It is not only an oil but also a feeling that we are glad to offer for people desiring real purity and pleasure in their everyday life.


Therapeutic Benefits of Lemongrass Oil:

In Norex, we trust in the power of nature to heal and restore equilibrium. Lemongrass oil symbolizes this faith because it contains numerous therapeutic attributes. It's not just a regular oil; instead, it signifies a natural curative method that has been cherished for its ability to enhance healthiness.

Mood Boosting

When you breathe in lemongrass oil, it feels like a beam of light for your spirit. The strong, citrusy smell immediately lifts up your mood, getting rid of any dullness and making you feel happy and energetic. On those days where you could use some extra cheerfulness, this oil is an ideal partner.

Stress Relief

Stress is always there, no matter how we try to avoid it in this quick-moving world. Lemongrass oil brings a natural break with its calming features that relax the nerves and relieve tension. Just put some drops into a diffuser, and your area will turn into a peaceful sanctuary.

Promoting a Sense of Calm

The capacity of lemongrass oil to bring about calmness is unmatched. Its gentle earthy essence grounds you, while the tangy lemon-like freshness gives your spirit an uplifting feeling. This equilibrium makes it perfect for meditation or relaxation exercises. We at Norex are happy to offer you lemongrass oil, which not only smells amazing but also carries these deep therapeutic values. We guarantee its pureness, so every single drop is strong and useful for improving your health naturally.


Lemongrass Essential Oil for Hair

Essential oil of lemongrass, which is used for hair care, can encourage growth and lower scalp irritation. You could make a mix for nourishing your scalp by combining some drops with an oil that carries such as coconut or jojoba. Apply this blend to the head skin gently and then do a massage on it, this will help in activating the follicles. Additionally, you might put lemongrass in water - after shampooing use it as hair rinse; makes hairs look shiny while also soothing scalps nicely! For a more intense conditioning treatment, combine lemongrass oil with aloe vera gel or yogurt for making a hair mask. Apply this mixture on your hair and let it stay there for around 20-30 minutes before rinsing off to assist in fixing harm and giving back healthy shine. Perform patch testing always, to check if it suits your skin.

Skincare and Body Care with Lemongrass Oil

Norex comprehends how nature's impact can be soft but forceful, and in this respect lemongrass oil is a classic illustration. For skin care routines it brings benefits that are as invigorating like its fragrance, making it a favorite element in facial care, body massage or homemade beauty recipes.

Facial Care

Lemongrass oil is very good for the face, it purifies and brings back life to your skin. It can make oily skin become normal and improve texture of the face so that it looks healthy and young with a nice glow on its surface. This oil has properties of being antiseptic which makes this lemongrass an excellent natural toner, also working as an astringent to help make skin tone balanced.

Body Massage

In a body massage with lemongrass oil, you're not only pampering yourself but also doing therapy. The natural parts of this oil can help to calm muscle cramps and ease tension, making it good for a calming massage. Additionally, the scent of lemongrass adds extra peacefulness to the process.

DIY Beauty Recipes

Lemongrass oil is so flexible that it could become the main component in your homemade beauty mixtures. For instance, when making a face mask or developing an insect-repellent body spray at home, lemongrass oil adds its antibacterial and insecticidal features to the blend.

Norex provides lemongrass oil, which can be used to improve beauty routines and care for the skin with natural elements. We make sure that each drop of our lemongrass oil is strong and free from impurities to offer you a quality product for your path towards natural beauty.

In Norex, we have a serious dedication to quality and purity. Our lemongrass essential oil shows this commitment, supported by numerous certifications and standards that mirror our consistent quality requirements.

Quality Assurance and Purity Standards:

Certifications and Standards We got the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This means we are good at giving products that always meet customer and regulatory requirements. We also have a certificate for caring about the environment, given by ISO 14001:2015 standard which shows how much effort we make to reduce any harm to nature from what we do here in the workplace.

We give priority to team health and safety, as shown by sticking to BS OHSAS 45001:2007. This standard makes sure we maintain a safe and healthy working place for everyone. We also follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which are rules that guarantee product safety and quality in all production steps.

For farming practices, we use Good Agricultural & Collection Practice (GACP). This makes sure that our lemongrass is grown and gathered in the best way for its quality and effectiveness in oil making.

Food Safety Management

Our FSSC 22000 v 5.1 and HACCP certifications illustrate our capacity to recognize and manage risks related to food safety. We adhere closely to ISO 22000:2005, which guarantees the security of our essential oil for consuming purposes.

Testing and Verification

For every batch of Lemongrass Essential Oil, we perform both internal and external testing to guarantee impartial results. We carry out chemical composition analysis, running tests that recognize the important elements which keep the oil's special features and healthful effects intact.

With each bottle of lemongrass essential oil from Norex, a guarantee of pure quality is enclosed. We welcome you to feel and perceive the distinction that originates from goods created with dedication, skillfulness, and steady pledge to excellence.


Safe Usage and Dilution Guidelines:

At Norex, we trust in using lemongrass essential oil responsibly to guarantee safety and good results. These are our recommendations for safe use:

Dilution Ratios

Lemongrass oil is strong and must be mixed with a carrier oil first before applying to the skin. For normal use, we suggest using a dilution ratio of 2-3%. This means you should add around 2-3 drops of lemongrass oil into each teaspoon filled with carrier oils like coconut or jojoba oil1.

Application Methods

For topical use, apply by massaging diluted oil onto the skin. Always do a patch test before using it widely, especially if you have sensitive skin. Lemongrass oil can also be put in aromatherapy diffusers to make a cheerful atmosphere.

Sensitive Skin and Health Issues

If you have a condition like sensitive skin or some health problem, it is very important to talk to a healthcare professional before applying lemongrass essential oil. Oils that are essential for pregnant or nursing women and kids need careful handling under the direction of a health practitioner.

Keep in mind that "less is more" with essential oils. Begin with the minimum dilution rates recommended and increase as necessary.


Incorporating Lemongrass Oil into Daily Life:

Lemongrass oil is a flexible and rejuvenating essential oil that you can smoothly mix in your routine. Here are some sensible methods to use it:

Room Sprays

Make a natural room spray by combining water, little alcohol and some drops of lemongrass oil into a spray container. Utilize this to give your living area or beddings fresh smell, also you can use it as bathroom deodorizer.

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Mix lemongrass oil into your cleaning solutions that you make at home, as it functions as a natural antiseptic. It is particularly useful in kitchen cleaners or floor washes since it gives off a fresh and citrusy aroma after use.

Personal Care Products

You can use lemongrass oil in your personal care by putting it inside shampoos, conditioners or body washes for a refreshing smell and advantages of cleaning the skin.

Always remember, mix lemongrass oil with carrier oil or other solvents according to safety rules. With these simple additions, you can enjoy the good points of lemongrass oil in your day.


Frequently asked questions about lemongrass oil


Q1. What is lemongrass oil used for?

Ans: Lemongrass oil is used for aromatherapy, natural cleaning, and topical application for its refreshing scent and antibacterial properties.


Q2. Can lemongrass oil be applied directly to the skin?

Ans: No, it should be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin to prevent irritation.


Q3. Is lemongrass oil safe for pets?

Ans: It can be toxic to pets, so it’s best to use it in areas your pets do not frequent or consult a vet before use.


Q4. Can I ingest lemongrass oil?

Ans: Ingesting essential oils is not recommended without the guidance of a healthcare professional.


Q5. How can I use lemongrass oil for stress relief?

 Ans: Use it in a diffuser or apply a diluted mixture to your temples for a calming effect.


Q6. Is lemongrass oil safe during pregnancy?

 Ans: Pregnant women should consult their healthcare provider before using lemongrass oil.


Q7. Can lemongrass oil help repel insects?

Ans: Yes, its strong scent is known to repel mosquitoes and other insects.


Q8. How should I store lemongrass oil?

 Ans: Keep it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight to maintain its potency.


Q9. Does lemongrass oil expire?

Ans: Yes, typically it has a shelf life of 3-4 years if stored properly.


Q10. Can I use lemongrass oil in my bath?

 Ans: Yes, add a few drops to your bathwater for a refreshing and soothing experience, but ensure its properly diluted.


Botanical Name Cymbopogon flexuosus
Origin India
CAS No 01/02/07
EINECS 295-161-9