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Bringing the aroma of nature to u, since 1994

Our Products Bound People to Share an Inner Thoughts

Norex has been a major supplier of flavors, fragrances and essential oils to food, personal care beverage and pharmaceuticals companies in the country since its inception in 1994. By manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Aromatic & Essential Chemicals, we have established a prominent position in the market. Our company is situated near the fertile fields in Western U.P. about 110K.M. from Delhi from where we obtain the raw material crops.

We manufacture and supply all types of flavours, fragrances and essential oils across the globe including exotic, sweet and traditional Indian flavours. Being a leader in the flavor and fragrance industry, our products are used by some of the best brands in the food and beverage industry. Our food tasting solutions have shaped the fortunes of very renowned food and thirst-quenching companies across the globe.

Even though we have been working with flavors, fragrances, and essential oils for many decades, we aim to continually rediscover and apply best practices. The result is our ability to consistently create flavors and fragrances that drive innovation across brands, all of which are produced using our high-tech technology. Our degree of integration in different stages of production means that we constantly maintain optimal innovations and improve the quality of the series. Norex has affiliated from various organizations such as the prominent FAFAI, CHEMEXCIL & IFEAT and EOAI. Norex is also the proud member of IFRA.

Norex is one of the largest and most reliable suppliers of flavours, fragrances, and essential oils. We have the knowledge and experience of processing large orders anywhere in the world. This is because we do extensive research and invest heavily in improving our product quality & supply.  As you know the food, beverage and personal care industries are growing at an exceptional rate, aided by technology, and changing demand for flavours, fragrances, and essential oils. We recognize this change and are constantly innovating to develop flavor profiles that capture the interest of people around the world.

We are a team of 120+ people, which administers our amenities prudently and make sure that our clients get the finest quality products. Our company’s clientele includes amongst the top five fragrances & flavor processing firms and major MNCs in the world is the result of our personnel’s ground-breaking approach towards delivering top-notch qualitative products to our respectable patrons. Our manufacturing plants are ISO 14001:2015 certified, which contributes to the environmental pillar of our sustainability framework.

Our Mission As one of the largest and most reliable suppliers of flavours, fragrances, and essential oils.
Our mission is to take the Flavor & Fragrance industry to the next level by being a trusted partner and provider of quality products. Our skilled and qualified flavourists and perfumers do rigorous research and development to provide you with the unparalleled quality.
House of Flavours and Fragrances

That Engage Your Senses

Norex welcomes you to the world of flavours and fragrances, which reaches the perfection inherent in nature. We play an important role in the fields of global food, personal care, air care, beverages, home, and personal care as well as in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Aroma and flavours stimulate the mainstream part of our brain and affect our well-being. We create original perfumes and fragrances that increase the quality of any product, from luxury perfumes to everyday brands.

Each of our solutions is unique, masterfully blended and manufactured to the highest standards. We can produce perfumes or flavors in large and small quantities, economically and with great precision. We are also ready to respond quickly because we know that our customers need to act quickly in the market.

Our team experts easily discover the impossible combination of flavors. We create flavours and fragrances that appeal to all taste buds, all the time, all with the help of world-class experience and innovation, and a good understanding of consumer preferences.

We offer all kinds of natural flavours and fragrances such as complex, exotic, common, ethnic, popular etc. Once you have a taste idea, our team is challenged to turn that idea into a pleasant & aromatic reality. We do not rest until its aroma is alive, after a thorough evaluation of the emotion.